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Northern® positive displacement

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Northern® positive displacement

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Heavy duty gear pumps
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The development of the Northern® gear pump began in the 1920’s as an outgrowth of the Pagel Pump Company into Northern Fire Apparatus Company and finally into Northern® Pump Company. With the onset of the Depression in late 1929, all business activity slowed significantly. John Hawley, owner of Northern® Pump Company, made a strategic decision to redesign the Northern® gear pump so that it could outperform other gear pumps in high pressure applications. The new pump was designed in such a way that it was easily modified to suit unique requirements imposed by customers. The emphasis on high quality and heavy duty performance capability guided the development of the Northern® gear pump. The use of nitrided alloys allowed the pump to be used in high temperature applications, custom designed roller bearings improved pump life in high pressure applications, and the development of a proprietary bronze alloy improved both pump life and pump reliability.
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