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Power Jack Motion

Power Jack Motion is a global company providing motion control products for various kinds of automation and smart applications.

Power Jack Motion

Website :
Telephone :
+86 13790589597
Country :
Hong Kong
Products :
1. Electric Motors: Brush Motors, Brushless Motors, Servo Motor, Stepper Motors, and Gear Motors. 2. Linear Actuators: Solar Actuators, Industrial Linear Actuators, Mini Actuators, New Inline Linear Actuators, and Home Automation Actuators. 3. Gearboxes: worm gearboxes, planetary gearboxes, and plastic gearboxes. 4. BLDC pumps 5. Blower fans. 6. Metal machining services
Description :
Power Jack Motion provides customized motion control, motor and linear actuator drive system solutions for customers all over the globe.
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