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Shandong Precision Pumps

Pump Manufacturers China Shandong Precision Pumps Co., Ltd.
Shandong Precision Pumps Co., Ltd.

As a professional pump manufacturer, we can supply many types of pumps, including Sulzer types pumps, Goulds types pumps, Durco types pumps, slurry pumps as well as relative spare parts like impellers, covers etc.

Shandong Precision Pumps Co., Ltd.

Telephone: 0086-13289348668
Country: China
Products: Centrifugal pumps Sulzer pumps Goulds pumps Durco Pumps relative parts like covers, impellers, casings etc.
Our Services 1.Supply Goulds 3196,Durco Mark III pumps and parts with superior quality and competitive price. 2.Supply High Chrome 14X12X22 Mud Pump/Mission-Mugnum XP. 3.Supply ISO 5199 standard complete pumps. 4.OEM according to your drawings is available. 5.Design and develop new pump products according to your requirements. 6.Upgrade your current pump products. 7.Technical support.
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