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Madden Manufacturing

Madden Manufacturing, Inc. designs and manufactures dosing pumps for chemicals. From acids and caustics all the way to fuel additives.

Madden Manufacturing

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Chemical metering pumps, dosing pumps, proportional pumps, metering pumps, Pumping Systems: Automation and Controls and pump accessories
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Madden Manufacturing designs and manufactures industrial diaphragm metering pumps, dosing pumps and steam system equipment. Utilizing state of the art CNC machining equipment we make the component parts to rigid quality, performance and cost standards. We pride ourselves in serving a niche market extremely well in both the United States and Internationally.
While some metering applications can be serviced with a cheaper solenoid driven pump, and other applications justify an expensive, high pressure hydraulic pump, Madden pumps are available to handle the majority of industrial metering pump application requirements. Our simple mechanically actuated pump design delivers consistent and accurate metering as well as great durability at a fair price. All this is done by building pumps with simple, rugged quality.
To learn more about our diaphragm metering pumps contact us at (800)369-6233 today!
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