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The EESIFLO range of  Water In Oil Monitors are continually being developed to to accurately detect and measure repeatably, the water or moisture content in any kind of oil, fuel or hydrocarbon.


Full Range in percentage ranges 0-100% Ten Point Calibration option Modbus / Bluetooth 




INLINE Solutions (full bore) Bypass or Insertion  Measure water in oil. An online solution for any mineral or synthetic oil. 

Online and inline measurements of moisture or water for engines.



Call in the USA Tel: +1(318) 614-3971 with your application

An excellent addition to Water in diesel fuel monitoring systems. Light oils, heavy fuel oil, engine lubrication oil (all types of ISO VG) Other Solutions – water detection in oil for gear boxes oil, hydraulic oil applications, turbine oil, vegetable oil and liquids with a low dielectric constant.


Here are some examples of oils with a low dielectric at room temperature


How does the water in oil monitor work?

Check that the liquid has a low dielectric constant.


1.Typically crude oil or diesel has a dielectric constant around.

2.On the other hand, water has a dielectric constant of about 80 (room temperature)
With the very large difference in dielectric values , the sensors can detect either a small or large change in water content.


What are the advantages of using the EESIFLO dielectric method?

There is no need to continually worry about exceeding saturation levels common to humidity type sensors or constant cleaning of a lens common to optical devices.




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TEL: +1 (318) 614-3971


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