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Continuous Monitoring of Water in Oil Concentration in Lubrication Systems

Water contamination is something that needs to be monitored in lubricating oil. We have developed a sensor that works on any type of oil whether it is mineral or synthetic. The sensors will detect and measure the concentration of water and provide realtime data which can be sent as an analog or digital output to a remote display or controller. The sensors use a very well known method of detecting an increase of water which relates to the dielectric of the fluid.

Why measure moisture/water concentration in a lube oil? There are several reasons. Increases in water concentration in a lubrication oil  speeds up the process of oxidation. that normally takes place in the oil and can lessen the effectiveness chemical remedies leading to emulsified fluids. In addition the presence of too much water in the lubricating oil increases the microbe growth and activity, not to mention corrosion and loss of the oil’s original performance characteristics.

A Great Solution for Diesel Engines

These can be fitted on any diesel engine system and are not dependent on oil type. Basically, any rotating device that needs lubrication oil can fit one of these into the system for continual sensing/monitoring and data gathering to protect the life of diesel engines, power plant turbines, hydraulic gearboxes, large compressors and a myriad of lubrication and hydraulic systems where moisture build up and free water is an issue that needs frequent observation.

Additional Safety for Large Engines and Rotating Equipment that requires lubrication.

The newest version of the EASZ-2 comes with useful features that allow more accurate measurement of the  water content measurement. This includes the ability to read in ppm as well as percentage. The unit has the highest resolution of any water monitor in the market and is able to detect the smallest miniscule increase in water as well as a free water break out


More information here >> https://eesiflo.com/marine/
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