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Your reliable partner for pumping water out of wells in the Philippines

Our company has supplied our expertise and services which are important for pumping water out of water wells.

In the intricate process of water well management, our company stands as a beacon of expertise and service excellence. Armed with years of experience and a commitment to precision, we specialize in delivering the perfect submersible pump solutions for extracting water from wells.

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Knowing Basic Information

It is important to know the depth of the well and how many pipes are buried. Knowing first this basic information, we can begin to calculate what type of pump will do the job and how we should install it. 

To ensure effective water well pumping, understanding your well’s depth and pipe configuration is paramount. Armed with this information, our expert team calculates the optimal pump type and installation method, tailoring the approach to your well’s unique characteristics. This precision guarantees an efficient and effective pumping solution, setting the stage for seamless installation and peak pump performance.

Choosing the Right Submersible Pump

Choosing the right kind of submersible pump is very important. Someone simply buying a pump in the Philippines an installing it without any prior experience might find out that it does not work properly the first time round.

If the supplier has chosen the wrong pump for the client, it could mean that the water flow rate that we want to achieve is not met. In the worst case – no water will come out from the well.

Something worse could also happen with the incorrect pump if it is oversized. An oversized pump could dry up the water well too fast and will also waste power (electricity).

Our Approach

Our clients want to get the best possible pump output from the well but also save electricity. Electricity costs money and nobody wants to waste money from pump sizing and pump calculations being the cause.

We have often supplied a VFD which is a variable speed pump controller. The customer has control over the pumping issues. Our team does the work . We supply the submersible pumps but also provide services.

  1. We will supply only quality submersible pumps
  2. The calculations will be done by our technical team
  3. The flow rate from the pumps will be tested after the work. We do this testing on site using the Sonalok 7 s flowmeters. The flow meters are also calibrated at our facility in Rizal and customers can come to see the calibration verification if needed.

What we want is clean water . How can customers verify the pumps are working and that we are getting a powerful enough flow rate?

We can prove it by showing the water is now clean – see video below. We also have the flow meters which we bring along to check that the flow rate is enough so that the customer does not need to buy a flow meter during installation. See pumps.ph